Is It Possible To Get Navient Student Loan Forgiveness?

Navient student loan debt

My name is Andrew Weber and I’m a highly experienced negotiator who has helped many students successfully deal with Navient. You can find out more about Navient private student loan forgiveness by clicking here.

For many students who have taken out large loans and are struggling with their debts, the ultimate outcome is to achieve forgiveness but from many it seems to be unattainable. This applies to both federal and private student loans including the lender Navient.

There are many forgiveness programs available for Federal loans as opposed to private loans. You only have to look at programs including PSLF and TLF for examples of this. There are also a range of elements which are built into plans such as income based repayment.

It is quite easy to find a wide range of forgiveness programs that are state based and related to vocations but trying to find forgiveness for private loans is very hard to come by. In fact, is there even such thing?

Private lenders don’t really offer forgiveness, but the next closest thing is to negotiate a reduced sum settlement. This isn’t the most straightforward process and does require someone who is skillful at negotiating settlement agreements. If this is done correctly a loan borrower can actually remove the heavy weight of a high balance loan which can dramatically improve your situation.

There are a few downsides to taking out a private loan. There is actually more protection handed out to the lenders than to the borrowers. Added to this there are fewer payment plans available for borrowers. Furthermore, according to the BAPCPA, a private student loan is exempt from bankruptcy (but depending on your situation, this might still be an option), thus adding another blow to the available options you have for dealing with your loan situation.


Navient is one of the largest private lenders for students around and it’s therefore no surprise I frequently deal with Navient. This particular lending company is one of the most aggressive when it comes to legal action and they will not hesitate to apply as much pressure as possible to gain an upper hand on your situation.

The closest thing to a Navient forgiveness program is to apply for settlement, but given their nature, you need to have an experienced negotiator on your side who is able to guide you through the process who knows how to deal with the often heavy handed collection law firms.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with myself, Andrew Weber. I’m a NACCC Certified Credit Counselor and a NACCC Certified Student Loan Counselor who focuses exclusively on helping students who have taken out private loans and are struggling to pay them back.